A Cwack Baby Doesn’t Always Like Cwack

Due to the suggestion of my sister, I have settled on the new name of JAmerica. It’s generic, but it could be the title of a bad good reggae song so I am not opposed. JUST LIVING THE RASTAFARIAN LIFESTYLE. In trying to find an image for my blog, I have become concerned with Google Images’ definition of college drinking because I just saw a very graphic photograph of a woman in the midst of giving birth (college is like being in labor?, I see you Google Images). There really couldn’t be a more appropriate time for me to continue writing about myself, it’s the new year and I have returned to America. I already miss 2010 and Europe. I am a bad citizen (especially after driving Mammy/Evil Susie all around the country this summer, so I actually do like America, but I hadn’t really seen Europe before then).

Tomorrow Mammy, Claire, and I will be relocating to Northern California. Mammy will live in my parking lot, Claire will live in Berkeley, and I will live in what would be legally considered a brothel in Nevada. By this I mean a sorority house. I am excited to see my friends, but I still die a little inside when I think about my last semester; never seeing the sun, lots of fashionable people, legally drinking, men never looking at me. So what do I have to look forward in this upcoming semester? Seeing the sun, illegally drinking (until April), actually doing school work, and men never looking at me. Good to know some things will never change!

Pity party ends now. New Years Resolution: Run Away.



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One response to “A Cwack Baby Doesn’t Always Like Cwack

  1. Jill

    Jane – you’re a Google Whack!

    Meaning: when you put two search terms into the Google search bar
    (Cwackbaby WordPress) you only get one website in return. You.
    This is difficult to do as noted on the official GoogleWhack game site page…
    (yes, I’m a nerd and have successfully played this time wasting game before).

    And it is also cool that your blog page title rhymes – Cwack is a Whack.
    Not everyone in the world gets to say they are a one and only on Google!

    Have a great semester and see you when you’re back in Seattle!

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