The Sorry Disease (And Other Diseases Induced by Anxiety)

The sorry disease is something all the women in my family are infected with it. Today, Claire and I were at the McDonalds for an anxiety-reducing dipped cone, and in total we apologized to the drive-thru worker an average of three times. This is upsetting for several reasons.

Why are we anxious? BECAUSE WE ARE TRAVELING. We are also just anxious all the time. I have already threatened to slip tranquilizers into Claire’s drinks if we become too tense. But really, we are going to Argentina for the greatest coming-of-age celebration in Judaism…a bar mitzvah. A rite of passage which may be the reason Claire and I are having trauma-induced anxiety. The hours and months spent memorizing a torah portion only led to both of us sobbing through the entire ceremony. But ok, Argentina is in South America, which has America in it, so we felt it would be appropriate to just include South American travels in the forgotten JAmerica blog.

We leave on Monday, with a 7-hour layover in Miami, and then arrive in BA at 7AM the next day. At dinner tonight I insisted on our trip to begin being called a vacation, because it is one! We will see how Claire handles my traveling laziness, as her anxiety propels her to not stop moving for 24 hours, and mine causes me to like darkness and nest-like spaces. Wish us luck as we have no idea what we are doing on this VACATION. I look forward to stepping in the many piles of dog poop that litter the streets of BA.


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