The Provisions Bag is Our Only Friend

Has your travel exhaustion ever manifested itself after your third time falling in rollerskates too big for you? WELL, MINE HAS.

We  have arrived, and as expected, we were a little overwhelmed. After spending an hour in a car to our distant relatives home, we just wanted to go to bed. And that is what we did. Claire is responsible and said we could only sleep for an hour and a half. I wanted to sleep for two, but decided not to argue because older sibling knows best (this is debatable). After napping we ate lunch, and got to know Lotte (distant relative, cousin of my Jewish grandma) and her dog named Mops. Mops is a crazy motherfucker. She keeps trying to eat my TOMS, and consumed an entire soapy sponge while we were doing dishes. Every time she sees me she lies on her back, I take this as an indication of friendship.

Besides Mops being my friend, we also carried a bag around our flights which we called the provisions bag. We decided it is our only friend because it carries food, water, and warmth. It is dependable and got us through a lot of anxiety-induced comas.

After lunch, and after the hour and a half nap, we went to meet up with my friend Bianca. Bianca does a lot of cool things and is up for anything, which is why we decided to rollerskate. UNFORTUNATELY, I am uncoordinated and anxious. I also settled for rollerskates two sizes too large. We finally managed to rollerskate over cobblestone, and I fell. I started laughing out of nervousness and embarrassment, Claire and Bianca looked pained. We set off again, I fall. We tighten my skates, and I am starting to glide. We make it another minute, and again I fall. Instead of laughter, I erupt into tears. Not due to pain, I do not feel injured, but due to exhaustion. I am used to these explosive tears, so is Claire, but I don´t think Bianca was prepared. I was instructed to take the skates off and to walk. Now I know not to rollerskate on my first day in a new country.

Regardless, we are happy to be here (even though my lack of rollerskating abilities leave me to fear no man will ever love me). We lied to our relatives and said we took the bus back (we took a cab), because we wanted to prove we are capable. We both drank a large, and much needed glass of wine, and talked with our relatives.

Good night (even though Claire won´t let me sleep in tomorrow)!


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