Last summer we went on a roadtrip across the United States. We started on the East Coast and traveled to the West for six weeks in a 2002 Mercury Sable named Mammy. It was probably the most fun Claire and I have ever had together. We went with two other sisters, Emma and Abby Siemaskos, and we were the sets of sisters (The Siemaskos were by far more down to get really drunk and do things). Crazy shit went down on that trip that I will not say because my parents got the shortened and clean version when we returned home. For the last 5 days in Argentina, we have gotten weird looks from our relatives because we havent gone out yet (I know it is horrible). That is why, tonight, as our middle aged male relative plans a night out “bailando”, Claire and I must ask ourselves “What Would The Siemaskos Do?”

We are hoping by saying this enough times, we will get inspired to get dressed in cute clothes, put on some makeup, and drink some beer. I am a sorority girl and find that I can barely rally to get my ass out of the bed. Claire is trying to get me excited, even though I know she just wants to prove to our relatives that her haircut doesnt make her a lesbian or lame.

We have been feeling the pressure to impress our relatives ever since we have arrived. Will we succeed this evening? Maybe. Meanwhile I am eating sugar to sustain any sense of energy and spiraling into a deep cycle of cookie crash-and-burn.

Other than this, Bariloche is beautiful and we survived the 20-hour bus ride. Our supply of ambien did not become obsolete as anticipated, and we are enjoying the mountains. Que lindo. I would put up pictures but I didnt bring my camera cord. Also a lot of the pictures I have taken have been of Claire and I looking tired and confused. WE ARE HAVING FUN. I SWEAR. We just talk about our culture shock for most of the day while enjoying the world. We are lucky, and we have not forgotten it.

SIEMASKOS: WE MISS YOU. Also, remember the club in Mississippi where the old men started handing us twenty dollar bills to buy drinks, and danced slowly with us to blues music?



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2 responses to “WWSD?

  1. Abby


  2. Jane! Holy crap! We miss you, too. Sometimes in Korea I wonder what I’d do if you were all here. Life is lonely without you…and there haven’t been any old men to buy me drinks… sad :-(. The good news is….WE WILL REUNITE. What would the Siemaskos do? Well… I’m not sure, but it’s a huge compliment that you’re thinking about it :):):) LOVE YOU

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