Make Me Popular

I think being in New York has the effect of making everyone want to be popular. By popular I mean recognized. And by recognized I mean D-list Hipster famous. I decided that NYC is meant to be taken advantage of and I should do this by pursuing my interests. I think this means I am starting a fashion blog. Which is actually extremely embarrassing to admit to because I feel like fashion is such a low-art form (?) and that a lot of unintelligent people have those and they just happen to be pretty with lots of money (but check out The Man Repeller for an intelligent/humorous form of fashion blogging). Also, I AM POOR. $88 in my bank account to last me 28 days. That is $3 a day. Everyone is rich in NYC and I had to spend $8 on a shitty salad because I forgot to bring my brown baggy lunch. But this is the inspiration, my poverty and therefore thriftiness (I argue it is genetic due to Judaism). I am trying to achieve the $10 outfit. Anyways, fuck it I am doing it. I will post the link once my tech savvy friend (thanks Timmy!) helps me design the page.

For a couple of weeks, NY was kicking my ass. Severely so. I was convinced everyone in NYC was against me, and that my soul was being crushed. But I am over the hump and seeing the light! Being West Coast centric is a sheltered childhood, because EVERYTHING happens in NY. I am glad I grew up kind of in the dark, because it is exhausting feeling the need to constantly be one step in front of everyone else. Also, every person who has grown up in NY that I have talked to has said they just want to move (this is two people, including the teenage boy working in one of the many Chinese/Mexican fusion restaurants in NY). But I can just really appreciate that sentiment. Air conditioning is a religion in NY which I am appreciative of.

Alright, help make me popular.


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