We Can Snuggle, But We Need Space

Although we are not a middle-aged Indian couple sharing a twin bed on the show “The Marriage Ref”, Lily and I may as well be. We have determined that every night in our double bed we are both thinking “WHY IS THIS BITCH SLEEPING ON MY SIDE OF THE BED” even though inevitably we know that there isn’t even enough room to have our own sides. Also, we have maybe spent 3 nights apart in the two months in NYC. Nights alone are few. This should be a reason to rejoice but it is not because Lily is not a man (but she is loving and supportive).

I have spent most of the summer complaining. The heat, my living situations, my internships. But in the last week I have realized I am grateful and have learned a lot. What I may have thought to be people attacking me, was really just my sensitivity (SURPRISE SUPRISE GENETICS). The East Coast is different. In good and bad ways. Ways I need to spend more time analyzing with my sister.

Lily and I have made so many obvious jokes about our relationship this summer. It is easier to do that than to actually acknowledge how insane it is to share a room with someone, let alone a bed, for months. We barely even knew each other before this, we hung out in Paris together for a few days in December. But the Seattle love connection is strong, and that is proving to be so undeniably true.


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  1. Mr. Fong

    And by a few days in Paris you also mean a couple of weird and crazy nights in London wit ya Boy ENelly then yes this is tru

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