I’m Looking for a Boyfriend

I have spent the last two years being single. Obviously I am not going to date anyone at my school but every time I leave for a new place, I expect to fall in love. I just don’t think this was ever destined to happen to me. My anxiety has ruined me in the whirlwind romance category. In fact, my sister and I are currently having a conversation on Facebook about love. First she declared that her daily mantra is “today is the day you could fall in love.” I then said, “I believe in love” (a line from Sex and the City). Then we talked about YEARNING in all caps.

I went on two dates in New York based on the very false promises of online dating. They were both mediocre too-short hipsters from Brooklyn who only talked about themselves and brewed their own beer. At least I understand now that just because a guy has a beard doesn’t mean he is attractive. It seems like it from a distance but they are just the faux-sensitive hipster. Also why do people always tell you to stop looking for a boyfriend, and they will find you. This doesn’t happen because I am always looking for a boyfriend. Boys lie about this also. They just want a girlfriend. Everyone likes monogamy.

Pray for the Frost women. Claire is starting to call everyone “dude.”



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  1. kitty kung

    you’re amazing.

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